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A lot of the time people tend to think that psychics can tell the exact future and that you as a person can not affect what will happen. This is not the case and one of the most important things to consider in preparation for your psychic reading with Cherie. We all have free will and can change the course of our lives in a moment based on the decision we make.

A Psychic reading with Cherie will tell you what is likely to happen in your immediate future if you stay on your current path but you always have free will and can change any outcome you may heard in your reading. Cherie can tell you what she see’s happening depending on the path you choose but ultimately it is up to you to choose your path and make your own future.

Preparing for your Psychic Reading with Cherie

Come to your reading with an open mind. Sometimes the psychic messages that come through aren’t necessarily what we expected to hear, but they are the messages we NEED to hear. During the reading it is very important to be open so Cherie can connect to you easily.

You can easily prepare for your reading by taking a few minutes and quieting your mind and focusing on the questions you want answers. This can really help the process.

Cherie can only connect with you to the degree that you have an open mind. She receives messages through pictures, words, sounds and feelings and will pass those on to you without any filtering. Meaning the exact message she receives is the exact message she will share with you.

Most importantly, come to your reading with an open heart.

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