Animal Communication

A Pet Psychic is someone who intuitively connects with your pet and has a telepathic, two-way conversation with them. There are many other names that people use such as: Animal Intuitive, Pet Whisperer, Animal Communicator, Dog Whisperer or Animal Whisperer. Cherie has the ability to have a direct two-way conversation with your pet.

During the session with your pet, Cherie will get impressions, images, feelings or words for what they are saying. This information comes directly from your pet, in their word style and personality. In talking to your animal this way, Cherie is able to relay their perspectives, feelings and viewpoints about issues affecting them and their human family. Most people are quite surprised to find out just how many aspects of human life their animals are consciously aware of, involved in, and have strong opinions about.

Animals communicate with their senses and emotions through pictures, feelings, etc. Pets are reading our minds all the time. They see our thoughts and know what we are thinking. They sense how we feel and what we are thinking.

Notice the next time you decide to take your pet outside either for a walk or just to enjoy a beautiful day. You’ll see them start reacting even before you get the leash in hand. They become anxious or follow you around the house until you put on their leash or just continue to stare at you as if to say, “I’m ready to go outside.” They’ve read your mind & seen the picture of the idea you had to take them outside. They are reacting to that thought & picture.

You can use this knowledge when trying to correct a common behavior problem in dogs such as barking at other dogs while on leash. Typically when you have the dog on a leash & he/she gets near another dog, you know & anticipate how your pet will react. What you’re really doing is thinking that your dog is going to react & you begin forming a picture of your thought. Your dog is now reading that picture and doing exactly what you’re thinking. If you try to send them another picture or think differently, such as forming a picture of him/her quietly walking past the other dog without really making a big deal of it, you may find that they react differently. Cherie, in her years as a Dog Whisperer, has many other things to teach you in dealing and communicating effectively with your dog or any other pet you may have.

As a Pet Psychic or an Animal Whisperer, Cherie connects with your pet and understand the cause of emotional, behavioral or physical problems or maybe even a strange quirk your pet has that you find amusing and if a rescue animal, Cherie may be able to get information about their past before coming to you.

You may also be interested in knowing about their likes, dislikes, what brings them happiness or upsets them. They may want to talk about their past (very validating for rescue animals), express concerns about their health or just have questions they would like to ask you. Sometimes it may be as simple as delivering a message to each other. You may discover why your pet acts differently around a particular person or situation.

There’s always a chance that a pet’s behavior is misunderstood. This could put them at risk of losing their home, or in some cases their life, through no fault of their own. If their human companions understand where the behavior comes from & why; they may choose to work with the animal rather than giving it away or putting it to sleep.

Cherie, as an Animal Whisperer, has such respect and love for animals and she derives tremendous pleasure from being able to be a part of this wonderful experience—seeing your pet’s perspective on things. Cherie’s experiences in pet intuition and communication have helped improve the lives of numerous animals and their human companions, for which she is eternally grateful.

Yes, you can. The most important thing in learning to develop animal communication skills is the ability to listen with all your senses. You can begin the process by getting back in touch with your intuition and allowing yourself to really feel what your pet is feeling and hear that inner voice. Everyone has this natural ability. As we get older, we tend to move away from listening to our own intuition. We learn to rely on verbal communication and allow our mind to guide us. When this happens and we move away from following our own intuition, then the gift of communicating with animals slowly shuts down.

If you’re close with your pet, a Pet Whisperer like Cherie knows that you’re communicating with each other, although you may not realize that’s what you’re doing. You may think the thoughts and feelings are yours alone, but rest assured, you are indeed having a conversation.

No, your pet does not need to be physically present in order for Cherie to communicate with them. She can communicate with your pet, by phone or in person, whichever works better for you, both ways are just as accurate based on the years of experience of Cherie as a Pet or Dog Whisperer. Most of Cherie’s clients prefer the session be conducted by phone. Your pet doesn’t need to be with you or paying attention for Cherie to conduct the session.

Not necessarily, many times pets just like to chat with you. They may want to tell you what they really enjoy about their life or you may want to know what you can do to make their life better.

It can be difficult to make a decision about your pet’s future without knowing what he/she wants. Cherie can use her Pet Whisperer abilities to ask and answer questions such as: Is it their time? Do they need assistance to pass on or do they want to pass in their own way? Is there anything they need or would like us to know before they pass? Thank your pet for all they’ve taught you and let them know you will be okay without them.

Absolutely! It is very easy to contact our pets who are no longer with us. The connection that you shared when they were alive will remain forever. They are just a breath away.

It is Cherie’s hope that she has answered some of your questions and that her work touches your heart as much as it does hers. If you have a question that isn’t addressed, please feel free to contact Cherie with your question. She’ll do her best to answer it.

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