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Ever since she can remember, Cherie has been able to “tune in” to both people and animals. She receives feelings, pictures, thoughts and a “sense of knowing” about their specific situation and feels the emotional information that’s in their body.

Cherie never thought much of this and kept the “sense of knowing” and feelings she was getting to herself. Over 35 years ago, Cherie had a brief conversation with someone she had just met. Cherie had only known this woman for a few minutes when she started receiving information about her. She began to receive a “sense of knowing” the emotional turmoil the woman had experienced in her life and how it was affecting her current circumstances. With some apprehension, Cherie made the decision to tell the woman what she was feeling and what the woman could do to release the turmoil and move forward toward healing and clarity.

Cherie’s information was very well received by the woman and she confirmed that Cherie was accurate in what she had felt. From that moment, Cherie began to have more confidence about her clairvoyant abilities. When she would get that “sense of knowing,” she would politely ask people if she could share the information with them. As Cherie began to do this on a regular basis, it became second nature to her.

Through these experiences and encounters involving her gift, Cherie began her work as a Psychic Advisor or Medium and as a Pet Communicator.

Why Cherie Chose Pet Communication

For quite sometime, Cherie only focused on people. But she soon became aware that her intuition and psychic ability wasn’t limited to humans. Cherie began relating the information she was receiving from the animals to their human companions as well. Her abilities as a pet animal communicator became even more apparent when she became involved with animal rescue efforts.

With each rescue that she assisted with, Cherie was able to feel, sense & connect with each of the animals. She began understanding their thoughts and feelings as her animal intuitive or pet communicator abilities became stronger. She had tremendous compassion for what the animals had been through and how they managed to keep such love and hope in their heart for their human friends. She really wanted to understand how they felt about their life and those involved in it.

As Cherie continued to communicate with rescue animals, she felt compelled to continue pursuing communicating with all kinds of animals and being a psychic medium between the pet and its owner. Cherie wanted to see, feel and sense the world through their eyes and help humans to understand and experience it as well. Being a psychic advisor and pet communicator became the focus and passion of her life.

Cherie honored and took to heart what the rescue animals shared with her and related that information to the new foster parents. Cherie quickly discovered that in animals that have been abused or neglected, it helps their emotional and physical recovery if the new family understands their past. Getting a good and deep idea of the rescued pet’s past also helps determine what type of home they would be happiest in and would be most suitable for them.

It is Cherie’s hope that by being a psychic medium, she is giving a voice to animals, including the reason behind their sometimes–distressing behaviors. Thus, they will be given another chance to live, give love and be loved, together with a new foster family.

And Why Cherie Continues to Work with People

Although she now works extensively with animals, she continues to receive intuitive messages relating to all areas of individuals’ lives, including their careers, finances, relationships, health, their purpose in life, how to clear blockages that prevent them from achieving the full, rich life they desire, and even information about where they are headed in the future. Cherie makes it her mission to share this information with others very seriously. She continues to give intuitive guidance to people around the world as a psychic advisor to them.

This information can assist people and provide clarity for their journey ahead. There are many important messages and guidance that people miss by ignoring their intuition or gut instinct; Cherie endeavors to open their hearts and minds—to listen to that inner voice—to the many rich possibilities in their lives. She can communicate with your spirit guides, angels or a loved one who have passed away in order to gain wisdom, clarity, answers and guidance for your life in the present moment. This is one of the most rewarding facets of Cherie’s work that she will continue to do for as long as she is able.

With her years of experience, Cherie Vergini is a Psychic Advisor or Medium and Pet Communicator who can provide spiritual guidance to you and your pet.

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