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How Does Pet Communication Work?

Most of Cherie’s communication sessions are conducted by phone. Physically seeing your pet is not a necessary part of the pet communication process and time and distance are not barriers to communicating. It is just as easy to talk to an animal in Washington as it is in Texas. Even animals that have passed on to the otherside can be contacted, as the bonds of love last forever.

While Cherie speaks to you on the phone, she is also telepathically having a conversation with and receiving messages from your pet at the same time. Once the connection is made, your pet’s thoughts, words, feelings and emotions are discovered through a series of questions and a mind-to-mind dialogue.

If this is the first time your pet has had the opportunity to communicate in this fashion, he or she will be thrilled and will usually have quite a lot to say. Sometimes just by having the opportunity to say what’s on their mind, their behavior begins changing for the better.

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How Does Pet Communication Work?

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